Storm Water Kerb Adapters

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Ineffective stormwater control
Ineffective stormwater control - old and weathered kerb adaptorsIneffective stormwater control - old and weathered kerb adaptors
Effective stormwater control
Effective stormwater kerb adaptorsEffective stormwater kerb adaptors
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Health and the public

We have seen various kerb adaptors for years that have been accepted as normal; such as cut-off pieces of pipe and quick-press metal with corroded, weak material that was manufactured with no thought for the future.

Unrestricted water flow and load capacity

The C & E Heavy Duty Nylon, Galvanised and Cast Aluminium stabilised Kerb Adaptors have been made to allow for an unrestricted water flow, therefore there is no build-up of backwater and they remain clear and uncluttered with debris.


The C & E Kerb and Channel Adaptors are now being extensively used throughout Australia and conform to the requirements of all Councils. We are happy to discuss all aspects of the adaptors with you, please contact Chris Pelling on 0412 752270 with any questions.